DVD 1 Horse Mating DVD

These DVD's are now discontinued and no longer for sale.


Mating Horses        

DVD 1 Contains all my horse mating material new clips added every month. There is over 2.6GB of horse video, 260+ of mating horses and ponies as well separate mare and stallion sections also seamen collection clips. There is also a large collection of horse mating pictures.

For best value for money buy DVD 2 at the same time. This contains a vast collection of non horse animal mating clips.

Prices shown on site include worldwide shipping.

  Please click here to see prices and order or click here  for payments by check, money order and cash. All disks will play in a Windows compatible PC or Mac. If your computer has a DVD player buy this version, its the best value and contains the most material. Material can be easily copied to your computer if required.

All disks are described as data disks on the plain packing and the return address does not use a business name.

Please email  if you have questions.

The three CD version of this DVD described on this site contain less than half of the material of the DVD version. All of the material of the CD's are on the DVD.

These DVD's are now discontinued and no longer for sale.

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