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Dairy Cattle Production in the United Kingdom
There are around 10 million head of cattle in the United Kingdom, of these almost 4 million are breeding animals.  The cattle industry in the UK involves a closely integrated relationship between the dairy sector and the beef production sector. Young from the national dairy herd not required for dairy replacement purposes provides a valuable stock source for  beef production.

Natural and AI Natural and Artifical Insemenation ( AI ) Matings

Mating in cattle herds can be achieved naturally with the use of a bull or by artificially by artificial insemination (AI). The latter mating technique is more commonly used on cows in dairy herds, with beef cows usually being exposed to natural mating. Unlike horse mating cattle matings tend to be more or less natural unlike the assisted matings of many horses.

The timing of mating determines the desired calving window. Some producers calve their cows throughout the year, although many have a set calving period of either spring or autumn.

Cattle can be successfully mated at any stage of the year as long as they are fit and healthy. Cows need to be at least 2 years of age before they can calve and have a gestation period of 9 months the same as humans.

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